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Though my name is Lisa, it is slowly being overtaken by those who now call me Yaya.

I originally hail from southern New Jersey and have lived in Florida for 11 years now. I am 56 and have 3 adult children, 21, 25 & 27 years old. …

It’s always so beautiful right after the destruction

flamed haired women twins profile head shots, eye to eye
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The front door swung open with gale force and slammed into the wall. The winds kicked up as the massive storm loomed on the horizon. Anna breezed in and shoved her foot against the kick plate to get the lock to catch hold.

I’m home! The clouds are pitch black…

My clarity spooks even me at times

Mystic scene of hands holding crystal ball containing shadowy future couple
Image by kalhh from Pixabay

This is a true story in which none of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. At this point in life, does it really matter?

I was 4 months pregnant with my first child.


First, let me fill in the back story of how I am programmed.

Unearthing whispers of the past

Large Golden Retriever standing in lake and marsh
Image by Jan Schaddenhorst from Pixabay

“Archie, get back here!

“C’mon boy! Don’t. Make. Me. Chase. You.”

Please, I don’t have time this morning to play these games.

The heaviness in my sigh rivaled the weighted mist that clung over the top of the great lake. It was still early. The sun’s heat wouldn’t evaporate this…

A free test you can take, too — I feel so much better knowing

Woman smiling, eyes closed, face to the light
Image by efes from Pixabay

It was time to take a personality test.

I had to, you know. The back and forth in my mind was exhausting. Watching from the sidelines, seeing people do things, hearing them offer inappropriate responses, even take on bizarre personas, had my head spinning.

Just because you like characteristics, mannerisms…


I saw through the secret curse of the McCabe family

Close Up of Woman’s eye with lovers reflection as the pupil
Image by Jills from Pixabay

I watched him as he looked around at the grievers through hooded eyes, scanned for dissenters, and felt satisfied that there were none. I saw a quick flash of smugness, and I knew. His subtly was not lost on me. My intuition was never wrong.

I knew.

I knew what…

Turning the tables on my tyrannical Condo Association

woman bound with hands tied behind her back
Image by Shibari Kinbaku from Pixabay

“We are still waiting for the results of the investigation,” is the biggest line of bull I’ve ever been served to avoid giving me back my own money.

Accountability is scarce these days. …

Don’t tell him how to do his job

3D Images of a woman’s exterior profile, skeletal frame and organs
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

He doesn’t tell me how to write, so I shouldn’t tell him how to be a gynecologist. I imagine I will remember these words, forever.

I have a shaky track record with male gynecologists.

However, I am an optimist and it is 2021, isn’t it? Women have a voice now…

Whispered pleas from a lost soul

Image by Ayush bawane from Pixabay

The trees were a perfect cover. A backdrop of shadows played in the leafy branches and further distorted my ability to see clearly. The sun dipped below the horizon quicker than I anticipated. I squinted to no avail. Everything looked like something; nothing looked like everything.

I felt eyes on…

There’s always some bad to spoil the good

Image by Agnes123 from Pixabay

My hushed words made sense in the darkness. The surroundings called for the respect of near silence. There should be no noise to disrupt this peaceful cavern.

The heavy blackness enveloped me, all the while affording me an internal lightness of being.

This secret oasis is where I found refuge…

Lisa Gerard Braun

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